The History of Dreams, From Greek Mythology to Last Night’s Sleep


Judging from Ribeiro’s intensive creator’s word, acknowledgments and bibliography, this e-book is the end result of a long time of thought and collaborative work. It’s additionally the expression of exceptional, if generally all-over-the-map, scholarship, drawing on historical past, literature, biology, anthropology, neuroscience, sociology and psychology, amongst different disciplines.

The creator’s description of how he intends to put in writing “a brief history of the human mind with dreams as the connecting thread” appears like a dream itself. I’m certain that is deliberate. His lyrical account is aided by Daniel Hahn’s stunning translation from the Portuguese.

“Incompleteness, displacements, condensations, multiplicity of characters, unexpected returns, details that have no apparent explanation and even a lack of relevant details will be our traveling companions,” Ribeiro writes, making ready us for the journey. We ought to, he says, “allow ourselves to be carried by the current.”

And what a present it’s, beginning with a dialogue of goals within the foundational myths of historic civilizations and religions. The Norse sagas, the Epic of Gilgamesh, Greek mythology, the tales of historic Rome, the Quran and the Bible — all characteristic goals as messages from the gods, auguries of the longer term, puzzles to be interpreted or warnings to be heeded. For many historic cultures, understanding one’s goals was important to understanding one’s waking life.

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Hopscotching throughout millenniums, Ribeiro discusses Freud’s groundbreaking theories about goals and the unconscious. He explores the impact of melatonin, sleeping tablets and psychedelic medicine on sleeping and dreaming. He talks about traumatic goals, erotic goals, goals about folks we have now misplaced and the common dream of tension, if you’re immediately confronted with a check for which you haven’t studied.

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